Beyond expectations in so many delightful ways. 

Accommodations were perfect. The natural surroundings were glorious. The food was exactly what I would want. Organic, local, and fresh each day. Each meal was made with attention and that farm-to-table, simple cooking. The yoga was not too much and not too little. There were a variety of participants with different ages and levels of experience and each of us found our way. And the mediation part brought me to myself over and over again. I am revitalized, reenergized, relaxed, and oh so comfortable in my body, mind, and spirit. I will take this with me for a long time to come. Thank you Curry Sisters and all that contributed to my glorious stay. 

- Rosella Louis, Founder of The Brass Bed, Fine Linens & Furnishings

Encourages personal development at the physical and metaphysical level...

The thought of a yoga retreat was always a bit intimidating to me.  I got over that when I met Andrea and Christina Curry.  They have the most amazing way of creating a welcoming and mindful milieu that encourages personal development at the physical and metaphysical level.   It always amazes me that I finish the week physically stronger and mentally calmer and more balanced.  We work hard and chill.   I have been to 5 retreats and plan to go to another in 2018 (hoping I can squeeze in 2)!!  No worries about coming on your own – as well as being great yogis they are great hosts – everyone feels welcome and part of the group!

- Lori Morris, CoFounder Lime & Leaf

You both have intuitive empathy...

I wish I could come up with some constructive criticism of your retreat, but I just can't, I felt supported appropriately every moment while there.  As you know my orientation and education is helping people with difficult emotions. I'm sure you both have experienced that personal difficulties will very often surface when folks have time for themselves and more quiet while on retreat.  It could play out in various ways that could affect the whole group. Working with emotions as they pass through the body is often not only necessary but unavoidable.  You both have intuitive empathy that I can tell serves you well when working at that deeper level.

- Carey Chilton Charyk RN, MA-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Educator

It was a life-changing experience. 

The Curry Sister's yoga retreat in Provence [France] was nothing short of amazing. The week was a beautifully and luxuriously planned example of self-care and commitment to one's own mind, body, and soul, and in turn, a commitment to the greater purpose and experiences that will certainly never be forgotten. For me, it was a life-changing experience. I am so grateful. Thank you, Andrea, Christina, Estelle, Stephanie, Giada, and Rafa! xx

- Brenna Larson, Mother, World Traveller, Yogi

These sisters empower each other and will empower you too. 

"Real Queens fix each other's crowns" is one of my recent fav quotes. These sisters empower each other and will empower you too.It was 3 years ago at the always magical Parrot Cay resort where I first met the serene Curry Sisters who melted the stress and opened my heart. Each retreat has a theme and both Andrea and Christina are true storytellers who  each share their unique journey and experiences while awakening your senses, and opening your chakras. The theme or intention of the day is a message for the class but I'm enchanted by the way that it feels like a personal message tailored just for me.  Yoga means union and whether you attend by yourself or with a friend you will quickly become part of their tribe. They are master instructors who guide and challenge you as you move through various postures(asanas), breathe, meditate and laugh. By the end of the week I find that I have strengthened both my body, mind and spirit and I simply just smile more. Maybe I've gone a bit deeper, gained confidence, or simply become more gentle. I look forward to these retreats each year. It's a gift I give myself. What I know for sure is that I will be back again next year. 

- Mary Savino, Fierce Manifester, Grateful Yogi and Loving Mom

I know I am in the hands of a wise teacher and friend, and I always leave my practice feeling like a better version of myself. 

Christina has truly inspired and changed my life by sharing her knowledge and passion for yoga with me. She was the first serious, competent and highly skilled yoga teacher in my life. When I look back to where I was before she inspired my practice, I realize just how far I have come in my life. I am very grateful for her support, intuition and her message during dark times in my life, it has been a gift to have her as a guide. When I am in practice with her I know I am in the hands of a wise teacher and friend and I always leave my practice feeling like a better version of myself. It is a true pleasure to be around her beautiful personality and incredible light energy."

- Giulia Sanges, Co-Founder at Nefertiti

...a deep experience, which leaves my mind clear and body renewed. 

“Andrea is a wonderfully insightful Yoga teacher. She offers a deep experience, which leaves my mind clear and body renewed. Her demeanor is positive and gentle, and her practice is challenging, yet nurturing. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone, from beginner to advanced practitioner.”

- Harlan Bratcher, President and CEO of A/X Armani Exchange

Leaves me feeling recharged and balanced. 

"Practicing yoga with Christina always helps me to get grounded, centered and inspired for the day ahead. She is very intuitive and manages to understand what I need in my practice on any given day. She has also inspired my understanding of the importance of meditation, which leaves me feeling recharged and balanced. Her knowledge and her spirit keep my practice joyful and inspired."

- Brian Atwood, Founder and Creative Director at Brian Atwood

As a beginner I was fearful about starting yoga...

“Andrea demonstrates selfless service with a generous and open heart. I trust her teaching wholeheartedly. As a beginner I was fearful about starting yoga yet Andrea removed that fear effortlessly. Her professionalism, her level-headedness and her knowledge enable her to create a safe space to explore yoga in meditation, breath work, and asana.”

- John Edelman, CEO Design Within Reach

It has truly enhanced the connection I have to myself and to others. 

"Christina added great depth to my knowledge and understanding of the mind body connection.
Her ability to guide me through the experience of my own body and my relationship to it has truly enhanced the connection I have to myself and to others. She puts you at ease and adapts to your personal needs and goals. It has been a great pleasure."

- Clarice Pecori Giraldi, Director of Private Sales at Christie’s

Positive and up-lifting.

"After a yoga class with Andrea, I feel calm, centered and focused. She has helped me get into a routine of stretching and strengthening my body in order to stay strong and flexible. Her passion and focus are positive and uplifting. Her teaching is straightforward, knowledgeable and capable.              

 - Andrew Rosen, CEO and Founder of Theory