Explore your limits, embrace your intuition and ease into a healthier lifestyle one breath at time.


who we are

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Our practice is a conscious experience in ritual, togetherness and practicality. Our passion and commitment is to share the tools of breath, asana, meditation, intentional movement, and self-study so that people can continue to reach new depths in their practice and in their lives.

We encourage people to be present in their practice by tuning into the depth of their breath and to accept what is, while paying attention to habitual behaviors and beliefs. With intention, community and a practical approach we move beyond perceived limitations, and challenge fear as it comes up, so that we can choose to embody our infinite potential and love.


retreat yourself



Welcome to the journey of self-mastery.

In the ways that many things exist as inseparable opposites, as sisters we blend our personalities to create a journey unlike any other. The result? Everyone, from the seasoned yoga practitioner to the novice business exec, relaxes to empower themselves.

Sometimes you need to travel the world to find what’s within. We take great joy in empowering people to meet the chaos of everyday life with tranquility.

From the beach to the boardroom, we believe in the importance of a practice and self-study. We also realize that real evolution is a group effort, and have become experts in cultivating a unique community of strong, empowered people who work hard to earn results.

Unplug. Plug in. Retreat yourself.